Professional drum tracks bring your songs to life

Do you feel that your home recordings are missing something? Maybe you’re not so good at programming drums, on a low budget, or just haven’t found the right drummer to really kick your track into the professional realm?

Even if you’re quite experienced in programming drums, you can never quite capture the feel and sound of the real thing. Real live drums add energy and nuance to your songs that’s both refreshing and satisfying to the listener in a way that samples just aren’t.

I drum for a living

My name is Ryan Halsey, and I’m a Drum Tech graduate from South West UK. I’ve been playing professionally since I graduated, as well as spending time building my home studio, recording, and producing music in a wide variety of genres from straight rock to dance to acoustic.

With my home studio now up and running, and access to a larger professional studio when required, I am now helping independent musicians like you to make professional sounding records with real live drums.

How much does it cost?

Probably not as much as you think! But of course, it depends on quite a few different things such as the length of your track, what equipment I’m going to use, what format you want your tracks returned in and so on.

But with sessions starting at £50 per track (click for all rates), I’m confident that you won’t find better value anywhere else on the net for the quality of drumming you’ll get here.

Interested? Want to learn more?

Read the FAQ or Listen to Examples of my work

Alternatively, if you have a question or want to send me your track, skip straight to the contact page.



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